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53 BC - Parthians tried to invade Rome with some success, but bows and arrows were not much good against garrison walls. 37 BC - Roman troops invaded Parthia, but lost many 1,000's to hit and run tactics.

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Glasgow What's On Guide | What's On in Glasgow Glasgow What's On Guide, Events, Tickets and Listings. The largest city in Scotland has long since been the home to most of Scotland most influential, important and most iconic bands, artists.

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Motorised shed breaks land speed record as it hits 100mph. A motorised shed has broken a land speed record after its owner hit 100mph driving along a Welsh beach. Kevin Nicks, the owner of the “fastest shed”, said he was delighted to break his.

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Doune - Wikipedia Doune (/ d uː n /; Gaelic: An Dùn, 'the fort') is a burgh in the district of Stirling, Scotland.Doune's postal address places the town in Perthshire which is also its Registration County, although administratively Doune is under the control of Stirling Council.Doune is assigned Falkirk postcodes starting 'FK'. The village lies within the parish of Kilmadock and mainly within the area.

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Schlacht von Bannockburn – Wikipedia Die Schlacht von Bannockburn am 23. und 24. Juni 1314 war eine der entscheidenden Schlachten in den Schottischen Unabhängigkeitskriegen des späten 13. und des 14. Jahrhunderts. Im Sumpfland von Bannockburn in der Nähe von Stirling errang das schottische Heer unter der Führung von Robert (the) Bruce einen entscheidenden Sieg gegen ein erheblich größeres englisches Heer unter Eduard II.

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Teenage driver caught on video ramming police officer. A teenage driver was captured on dashcam footage ramming a stolen car into a police officer after a high-speed chase in Surrey.. Ramone Kidd, 19, ploughed into Sergeant Chris Schultze when he was.

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3 for kr 249 - Solbriller 2018 - Dame, herre og. Det er ikke lett å svare på hva som er best av billige eller dyre solbriller. Det som er sikkert er at det ikke alltid trenger å være de dyreste som er best, spesielt når det kommer til de mest kjente merkene.

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Glasgow Queen Street station – Network Rail Creating space to expand the station. Glasgow Queen Street station was last re-developed between 1969 and 1973. The modernisation involved the demolition of station buildings dating back to the mid 19 th century.. At this time an eight-floor office building - Consort House – was constructed along with an extension to the adjoining hotel.

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