Topic: Sea level change in the Middle Ages and the Little Ice Age.

De stand van de zeespiegel in de Middeleeuwen en de Kleine IJstijd F.J.P.M. Kwaad, physical geographer Home Contact In this website, references are given to papers on sea level change in the Middle Ages (500-1500 AD) and the Little Ice Age (LIA; approximately 1450-1850 AD) that can be viewed online. First, some preliminary remarks are given:

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Magdalenian - Wikipedia The Magdalenian (also Madelenian; French: Magdalénien) refers to one of the later cultures of the Upper Paleolithic in western Europe, dating from around 17,000 to 12,000 years ago. [is this date calibrated?] It is named after the type site of La Madeleine, a rock shelter located in the Vézère valley, commune of Tursac, in the Dordogne department of France.

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Calculating glacier ice volumes and sea level equivalents. The first complexity is in calculating the volume of ice in the world.This is complex, as we often do not have a complete picture of the bed of the ice sheet or glacier.

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Ice streams - Antarctic Glaciers Ice streams are typically large features (> 20 km in width, >150 km in length), with a convergent onset zone feeding in to a main channel[3]. Modern ice streams are associated with pervasively deformed till and offshore trough-mouth fans, depo-centres for the large volumes of sediment that are transported from the interior of the ice sheet outwards to the continental shelves.