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The SSW Cutting Point Hooks are ideal when baiting up with roe for salmon and steelhead in the streams or trolling herring cut baits for salmon in saltwater. These hooks also work great when bait fishing for walleye, bass, tarpon and other inshore fish species.

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Manley Steelhead RC SHOW PIECE SPECIAL!!! – Upscale Audio You can drive the Steelhead directly into an amplifier if you so desire. It is equipped with a pair of variable outputs, controlled via the knob on the faceplate or the new Remora Remote. There's even a LINE LEVEL input, so you can even hook up another external source and use the Steelhead as a preamp!

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How to Hook, Play and Land a Steelhead by John Nagy Hook-up’s is a term used by the steelhead crowd which can mean anywhere from a lost steelhead after a longed prolonged battle or momentary “contact” after setting the hook To have a complete steelhead experience of course means actually bringing these large, hard-fighting fish to the net

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fly fishing steelhead, holding water, tips, techniques Fly Fishing for Steelhead - 101. by Steve Buckner of The Northwest Fly Fisherman. A look at the variables. Although we may never understand all of the variables that attract a steelhead to a given section of water, and ultimately what leads to a successful hook-up, the following paragraphs will hopefully give you some ideas to ponder before heading out the door with fly rod in hand.

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Steelhead Flies - Traditional Hook - Grabflies Tied on a size 4 Spear It - SS99, Fly Hook, size 4 hook and Size 2 bait/Intruder hook and shank. Swing it, Nymph it, Strip it! For a limited time the Reverse Rubber Leg Bugger comes in either a hook tie up or shank and hook tie up.

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Steelhead hooks | Michigan Sportsman - Online Michigan. Strong, sharp as heck--best hook I've ever used and I've used a lot of different hooks only to end up cursing and swearing. For steelhead, the C14S is now the only hook I use. thousandcasts , Oct 13, 2010

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Pacific Northwest Steelhead and Salmon Anglers Public. I've personally fished with Tim—he's a real salmon and steelhead pro and a great guy. As a manufacturer and innovator, it is music to hear a testimony like Tim gave me last evening while placing a Maruto hook order.

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Steelhead Hook-Up - YouTube Read more at . Watch as Mike T. gets spanked by a steelhead...recovers and sends the fish on its merry way....

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Steelhead Hook Up Grande Ronde This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

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Fishing Smaller Hooks for Steelhead and Salmon For years the ‘standard’ hook sizes used in the pursuit of anadromous fish on swung flies were pretty darned big. 2/0 and 3/0 were ‘king hooks’ and 1/0 and 1 were ‘steelhead hooks’. In recent years many anglers we respect have been fishing hooks that are quite a bit smaller – 1 and 2.