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Download Notepad++ 6.5.3

You might want to try it on line before downloading it. (JVM is required)


Release Date: 2013-12-31

You can find sha1 digests for binaries package on Sourceforge as well.


Notepad++ v6.5.3 new features and bug fixes:

  1. Make advanced scrolling optional so it can be disabled in case of touchpad scrolling problem.
  2. Enhance sort lines feature: if several lines are selected, only the selected lines are sorted.
  3. Add hex value column in Ascii Insert Panel.
  4. Enhance performance: prevent switched-in document from being parsed by function list and by document map while these 2 panels are hidden.
  5. Fix the bug that modified tab interface colour settings cannot be saved in stylers configurator.
  6. Fix text crazy flickering while resizing the frame on a specific position.
  7. Fix the context menu not shown for the all other users (accounts) in the same PC.