How to reset BIOS or CMOS password for Laptop?0


BIOS is more protected than PC to protect data if you lost or it was stolen. When you lost your BIOS password you can simply contact to manufacturer so they can reset it for you by CD, DVD, with service tag or they can tell you steps to reset password.

If you are not original owner of laptop, you can follow the steps to bypass the BIOS of CMOS password.

  1. Open your computer and press BIOS menu button (F2 / F10 / Del / F12 depends on your BIOS, it appears on screen. If doesn’t appear try to press buttons mentioned.)
  2. Guess password 3 times then it gives you a code, note the code and go to next step
  3. Go to the and write down the code generated. Press “Get Password”
  4. You can now see the password that you can access your BIOS.

It works for some;

  • Dell
  • HP
  • Phoenix
  • Sony
  • Compaq
  • Fujitsu-Siemens
  • Samsung
  • Insyde H20 notebooks.

Please note that some of IBM/Lenovo notebooks, and some others doesn’t give a code after entering 3 times wrong password. If you find your laptop doesn’t work for these instructions;

  1. Try entering passwords with a USB keyboard
  2. Try to use CmosPwd to reset passwords, if your computer still reboots.
  3. Some HP laptops can be reset by this
  4. Some old laptops has specific location of jumper bridge, you can reset your password. How to know it? You can find it on service manuals.
  5. If none of above works, please do not try to do other tricks if you are not advanced user. It can damage your computer. Just ask a nearest service to fix it for you.

Azat Rahmanov

Jogap ýaz